Longwood Annual Meetings bring together Healthcare Leaders for invitation-only and off-the-record forums held at leading academic institutions. Biopharma CEOs, heads of R&D, healthcare investors, top researchers, and limited partners join off-the-record brainstorming discussions that generate new company ideas and approaches for Longwood Fund and members of our biopharma ecosystem, creating strategic business opportunities to advance the industry and bring important medicines to patients in need.

These meetings are focused on accelerating the translation of discoveries into medicines to help patients; substantial donations enabled by these meetings benefit Life Science Cares, The Boston Foundation, BSO, Harvard Medical School, MIT, and other charities.

All meetings take place without the presence of media. All participants are asked not to post anything said in the meetings to social media. Meetings for roughly the next year will take place either only via Web Conference, or predominantly Web Conference.

Access to the forum is by invitation only. For the agenda and to request an invitation, email arielle@lfannualmeeting.com.

Cancelation policy:  If a participant needs to cancel attendance of a meeting, we are pleased to allow transfer of registration to a colleague or to the next meeting.  In the case of postponement of an event, all registrations will be accepted for rescheduled meeting, or a subsequent meeting.

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These meetings are currently planned either solely via webconference or predominantly via webconference.